Single unit to form and fill cardboard trays.
Versatile machine enabling fast format change.

  • Compact lay-out.
  • Tray formation using flat cardboard blanks.
  • Hot melt flap closure.
  • Motorised pick-place.
  • Electronic controller via PLC.


Number of boxes per minute: 12


Number of boxes per minute: 20

Standard options
Forming and gluing of sides
Pick-Place with anthropomorphic robot
Single pick head
Double pick head
Double input for various product wrapping
Manual or automatic format change

Cardboard processed
Cardboard coupled with multilayers in various thicknesses

Products processed
Glass and Pet bottles
Glass jars
Plastic cylindrical and conical jars
Rectangular and square jars

Energy consumption

11 Kw /H
Pneumatic consumption 120 nl/min
Working pressure 6 BAR
Voltage 400 V 3 phases+N+ T